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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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a gap between the policy and reality is bad for the armed forces, bad for our service members and needs to be
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changed. the lawsuit just filed and announced late this morning that could change the u.s. armed forces forever. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the issue of lating women frontline in combat, the suit is being filed on behalf of active military women. brian flores joins us live from the city with new information at noon to explain what is at stake. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. what's at take for these women they say is the chance to serve on the front lines, be recognized for their efforts. for years, women were not allowed on the front lines of military coomb bat. but a recentry filed -- combat but a recently filed lawsuit changes that. >> this directly contributes to the notion that women do not
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belong in the military that they, in fact, weaken the armed forces. >> reporter: these women representing all branches of the military along with the aclu have filed a lawsuit. >> the enemy doesn't distinguish between gender. when i was going out on missions in iraq and my vehicle was hit by an efp and everyone in it my vehicle received different is selves of shrapnel, the shrapnel didn't miss me because they saw i had an x chromosome. >> reporter: this policy makes it difficult for them to do their job and even prevents them from leadership policy. >> this policy is bad for the armed services, bad for our service members and needs to be changed. >> reporter: the aclu says women constitute about 14% of
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the -- of the military. some say they are denied from recognition. at this point, it's unclear when the lawsuit will be heard in court. >> the vast majority of the men i served with in combat did not care if i was a woman. they cared if i could do my job. however, the handful that did could use this policy to substantiate their viewpoints. >> reporter: and the dodd has made some slow progress, if you will, in changing this pomcy, women can currently serve in combat but not in infantry. leon panetta is open to willing change the rolls of women in the future. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. the search is still fon or a suspect who -- on for a suspect who exchanged gunfire with a milpitas police officer
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overnight. this shut down jack london road for several hours. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from the police station with video you will only see on clue. >> reporter: we just find found out from police they are looking for an hispanic male around 20, 25 years old. they've found the suspect's vehicle that was reported stolen out of san jose and we were the only ones to get exclusive video of it. now, at around 10:00 this morning, detectives were in this neighbor at folsom circle not far away from the original scene. this 1996 tan honda accord was parked there blocking a driveway. police say this is the gunman. they they the -- this is the gun they believe the suspect used. neighbors were questioned by
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police and they searched their backyards. >> that's pretty scary. thank goodness he's not here now. >> i think it must have been convenience because this was close. >> reporter: this all happened just before 2:00 this morning at jacqueline road. an officer stopped the car for a moving violation. police say the driver got out of the car and started firing at that officer. >> thankfully our officer was not truck. he did return fire. it's unknown if the suspect was struck. he fled the location in his vehicle. >> reporter: the officer was not hit but did suffer minor injuries. police canvass the area looking for him and had a portion of jacqueline closed for five and a half hours. now, we do know that they have taken the current evidence if we could go back out here live, we just got pictures of what this police car looks like.
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you could see that the bullet completely shattered the front windshield of that police car. again, we know that police officer is okay. we did get a more detailed suspect description. they are looking for an hispanic male, 20 to 25 years old. 5'6" to 5'9" weighing about 160 to 180 pounds. he has a medium build and was wearing a black and white sort of plaid/checkered white shirt. if you have any information, milpitas police would like you to call them. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. ktvu is onstone this noontime with the first of several storms heading our way looking outside. you can see partly cloudy skies over the san francisco bay. when the rain starts you will have to watch out. rosemary oroscoe will have more on when the rain will arrive. but let's start with alex
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savidge who is with workers working and preparing. >> reporter: good afternoon. they are replacing old shingles and this company is fielding a lot of calls from worried homeowners. with a series of strong storms closing in on the bay area, this crew from abel crew company is under the gun. they need to finish this job in tecate before the rain starts to fall. the owner tells me when a storm is wearing down, his get a lot a lot of people. >> i gotta go down and to do a repair after this. >> reporter: everyone is trying to to be ready -- trying to be ready. people are filling sandbags bracing for flooding that is a distinct possibility over the coming back. >> linda krueger lives in for the hills and know she's in for
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an uphill battle. >> it comes under the house. i just can't stop it. we put in a sump pump and -- yeah. >> reporter: back in tecate will expects the emergency calls to keep pouring in even after the rain arrives. that's when homeowners -- homeowners valize he have a -- realize they have a problem. >> they realize they have a leak and then we'll be out here all weekend, 24/7. >> reporter: the roof is expected to be finished by this afternoon. they will be up here throughout the day. they tell me this is about a 30- year-old roof. not exactly what you -- what you would want to have above your head with several inches of rain on the way. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. good afternoon. the wet weather is on the way. giving you a look at
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stormtracker2, mostly cloudy and calm. that will be the case for your tuesday. storm is right about 300 miles offshore. it will move in by tomorrow morning. again, this is going to be the first in the series of systems that will bring us rainy weather for several days. with this first storm, moderate to heavy rain, anywhere from a quarter to an inch around the bay area. more than that expected for the mountains. a gael warning expected for the waters as well as strong surf and a wind advisory. winds strong enough to create power outages and make driving very difficult and the time line on this system is trouble -- is troublesome as well. more coming up. >> thank you. an investigation is underway following a tense six- hour police standoff on treasure island that ended with the gunman taking his own life early this morning. investigators say the incident began as a police pursuit in san francisco near mason and bush streets around 11:00 last night. police say at one point, the suspect fired a shot at
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officers. officers chased him to treasure island where he got out of the car and held a gun to his head threatening suicide. as a precaution, officers shut down all ramps to and from from the island. >> so the fact that he had a weapon was threatening to shoot himself and had already discharged the firearm, there's concern for public safety that if he fired that weapon, the general public could be struck by gunfire. >> police found the gun at 5:00 a.m. this morning and found the suspect dead. san francisco international airport is about to take a big financial hit. that's because the federal government government says the airport misspent millions of federal dollars. the airport received more than $14 million in stimulus money to improve runways and taxiways which was completed in 2010. but according to the "bay citizen" the faa wants 2.1 million back after they say the
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money was used for unauthorized construction. it's not the lottery but pretty close for people in nine bay area cities for those people who have always wanted to own their home. we'll show you more -- when we come back. remembering a local teenager who died in a tragedy yesterday. and rosemary will be back.
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[ sirens ] egyptian protesters are standing their ground near itry square in die rowe. they clashed -- in tahrir square. they clashed with the president. protesters have been camping out in tahrir square just like they did last year when they overthrew president hosni mubarak who rejected democratic reforms. top gop senators will need more information before they even consider u.s. bead to the united -- ambassador, susan
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rice. senators met privately with her about an initial comment she made that the libyan attack was a result of protest than terrorism. the senators say there's more trouble ever with her comments. rice said there was never any intention to mislead the american people. we have breaking news out of east palo alto. there's been a shooting. newschopper2 is live over the scene at bay road and palo verde avenue. within the past hour, one person was shot at that intersection, the victim was taken to stanford hospital. right now police are searching for the shooter who ran off into the surrounding area. you can see one police car there at the bottom of the screen. we'll have more on this situation on and on ktvu channel 2 news as 5:00 tonight. it's been a sad day at a redwood high school where students are dealing with the sudden death of a classmate. the girl was hit and killed
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yesterday while riding her bike to woodside hospital. there is a memorial now where she was struck by the suv. grief counselors are available today for students who need help dealing with her death. >> she was very intelligent, very bright, very funny. she always had a book in her hands. we just feel so sorry for the family and -- i can't imagine losing my daughter or son. i just wanted to couple out and -- come out and express that. >> police say lelya was wearing a helmet. the cause of the crash was under investigation. the driver of the suv stopped and cooperated with police. a new study finds parts of the bay area have higher rates of breast cancer than the state average. according to the public health institutes mapping project, those areas include marin county which is already well known for its disproportionately high rate
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thes of the -- rates of the disease. these areas were higher than 2000 to 2008. the big part of the american dream, owning your home. lately it can be a battle for homeowners. tara moriarty shows us that help is on the way to explain how. good afternoon, tara. >> good afternoon, tori. buying a home in this economy can be really difficult. many folks like the mortgage rates but they are short on the downpayment. so that's where wells fargo bank is stepping in. this morning in oakland, the officials announced $5 million for downpayment assistance for homeowners in oakland, fremont, hayward, concord, antioch, pittsburg, richmond, brentwood and bay point may be able to afford the home of their dreams. >> i think there's still
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inventory out there. you would would-be buyers. >> wells fargo partnered with neighbor works america. >> it's a great holiday season experience where 250 families will get a $0,000 downpayment towards stabilizing many of the neighborhoods in oakland and in the surrounding cities. how do you apply, well, december 7th and 8th at the oakland convention center. you can fill out an application if you live in the home for five years, you don't have to pay back a penny. if you leave before that, you will have to pay part of that back. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. nationwide apartment rents are expected to go up again. the national association of realers predict rents will rise
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4.6%. in 2014 and 2015, rent also probably go up more than 4%. nationally, they jumped 4.1%. this year, that's nationally. but here in the bay area, rents are up more than 13%. today marks 34 years since former san francisco supervisor dan white shot and killed mayor moscone and harvey milk. a supervisor will be held at san francisco city hall followed by milk's camera store. he shot and killed them inside san francisco city hall in 1978. he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and served five years of a seven-year sentence. white committed suicide in 1985. teachers at antioch unified school are angry and frustrated about their pay. they say they've not had a raise in four years and they are in talks over a new contract. they claim the district should be able to give them raises now, especially with the
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passage of proposition 30. the teachers say the school district has millions in reserve fund. the district said the money was set aside because of uncertainty with state funds. the martinez city council is reacting to complaints about panhandlers harassing people and now aggressive solicitation has been banned. the ordinance defines aggressive as creating a reasonable fear for personal safety. it also bans panhandling within ten feet of intersections and exits and onramps. police cannot give a citation but cannot arrest someone violating the ordinance.
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stormy weather is coming our way. and for many of us it is going to be messy. outside our doors at this hour and for today, actually, fair weather, take a look at that. we do have mostly cloudy skies. but we have some soft sunlight pouring in. it actually feels pretty good out there. upper 50s to low 60s at this hour. slightly warmer than yesterday and our winds generally light. mountain view reporting 10 miles an hour. for the rest of us, the winds not bad. you can see the southerly flow beginning to move and we have those clouds ahead of the storm. the first, a few hundred miles offshore but will be rolling in in time for tomorrow morning's early commute with a second system on its heels and a third one in time for your weekend. let's talk about the first one. here we are with the gray skies overhead for your tuesday. you wednesday morning between
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4:00 and 6:00 a.m., here it comes, the possibility of moderate to heavy rains and thunderstorms also a possibility here. this is when we do expect to be at our windiest as well. by 4:00 in the afternoon, we're looking food for the evening drive home. we'll be dry by thursday afternoon. here comes the next system rolling over the north bay. it looks like it stalls for a while. the rest of us get wet into friday morning. the impacts with this first system, anywhere from .25 too 1 inch around the bay area -- to 1 inch around the bay area. 1 to 2 in the mountains. there will be a winter weather advisory above the sear, above 7,000 feet starting tomorrow morning. the advisory starts at 4:a.m. and will last to 11:00. gusts to 55-mile-an-hour at the coast and the -- 55 miles per
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hour at at coast. that will -- at the coast. that will definitely blow some trees out. if you drive an suv, you will be holding tight to the wheel. it will be windy and wet. low 60s in the forecast. again, today is your last chance maybe to put up those holiday lights or get out and run those errands because starting tomorrow morning and lasting through the weekend, we will have rain on and off in the forecast. several inches of rain anywhere from 4 to 8 inches possible by the end of the week. >> wow. quite a bit. still ahead -- why an executive of apple has been fired and the connection to mac. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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despite several positive economic reports out this morning on consumer confidence, home prices and manufacturing, stocks are down due to the ongoing clear of the -- fear of the fiscal cliff. the dow is down 54. the nasdaq down 1. s&p down 3. apple has reportedly fired the manager in charge of the flawed mapping software for the iphone. the software was criticized as soon as it was released in september for glaring inaccuracies. apple's ceo was forced to issue users a rare apology. bloomberg said richard williamson was ousted and a new
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team is working on the problem. a reward is being offered in san francisco to help an ailing man find his stolen dog. 56-year-old robert runkle's 4- year-old yorkshire terrier named lola is trained to recognize physical distress and provide companionship. last week a thief stole the door out of the -- took the dog out of the car. a $3,000 reward is being offered to help find the check. and we're tracking the rain and what the cities are preparing for the rain tomorrow. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. card hassles?
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